Vision Inspection Systems

At Tec-Option, we specialize in the design and manufacture of high-quality robotic systems for industrial use. Our portfolio includes automated, image-based vision inspection systems that are used in quality assurance to verify the successful completion of a process. These systems are essential for optimization and quality control across a broad range of manufacturing systems.

What are Quality Vision Inspection Systems Used For?

Using a robotic operated camera, vision inspection systems monitor equipment to ensure peak performance. Vision system most common fall into one of four categories: measurement, counting, decoding, and location. Regular applications for vision systems include:

  • Ensuring proper workpiece positioning during automated or repetitive tasks
  • Monitor system component performance
  • Improving application efficiency by detecting errors and stopping processes
  • Identifying flawed or unusable completed parts

How Do Quality Vision Inspection Systems Work?

Even the smallest defect in an application can cause unwanted and expensive issues. Vision inspection systems operate internally within a piece of industrial equipment and use cameras and sensors to gather and send information to an external source. A sensor detects whether a product has crossed a designated area or not. If the product has, an electronic camera will capture an image using special lighting that assists in highlighting key features. That image is digitally stored, and a copy is produced that can be manipulated using software.

At Tec-Option, our vision systems feature the ability to key in inspection parameters quickly, make sensitivity changes, and then have the system verify the viability of those changes.

Quality Vision Inspection Systems From Tec-Option

Our vision inspection systems help to mitigate costly human errors. In a time when demanding ISO 9001 and TS 16949 compliance standards are expected, Tec-Option’s vision inspection capabilities can help to facilitate optimal quality management processes for any manufacturing operation. Here are some examples of past projects we’ve completed.

A Quality Management Vision System Built Into a Production Welding Cell

Our capabilities enable us to build vision systems into an expansive range of manufacturing equipment. For one customer, we were able to construct a cell using a small single pedestal welder for several large parts that needed 12-18 weld nuts per part. We also included a robot that could pick and hold the part in position as each weld nut was attached. Once the operation was completed, the robot positioned the workpiece in front of the vision system to verify that all weld nuts were in place before moving the completed part to a container.

Standalone Quality Vision System

Our client had difficulty measuring quality when manually adhering 8 to 10 pads onto a steel wire mesh screen that had to be placed between two pieces of glass on a utility van. It was essential that the pads were correctly located before the panes were sealed in the final process. To solve this issue, we constructed a standalone assembly fixture with an onboard vision system built into it. This enabled our customer to automate the delicate assembly operation while incorporating vision system-based quality management.

Vision Inspection System

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At Tec-Option, our staff has the expertise to design and implement the highest quality vision inspection systems available. We specialize in combining vision systems with other automation technologies to help our clients overcome even the most stringent challenges. A quality vision inspection system optimizes equipment, saves time and money, and provides valuable compliance data.

For over 20 years, we have provided solutions for robotics systems and vision systems. Our priority is to create a custom precision system that will save time, reduce costs, and fulfill the specific needs of the intended application.

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