Automatic Grommet Installation Machines

We build fully automatic grommet installation machines. We custom build the grommet installation machine to your product and production requirements.

Our fully automatic grommet installation machine feeds and attaches both the grommet and bushing, all in a single cycle. The result is a strong, durable quality setting with greater productivity, all leading to a fast return on investment.

Grommet Installation

Case Study – Automatic Grommet and Bushing Installation

Tec-Option supplied an automotive manufacturer with a machine that installs a rubber grommet and steel bushing in two parts every 10.0 seconds.

Because of our patented Double-Time system, the time loading this station was absorbed as the machine was performing MIG and Hot Upset welding in the opposite station. This is extremely cost effective as the machine continually performs two different processes making the most of the operator’s time.

Grommet Installation

Automatic Bushing Installation

Tec-Option also offers an Automated Bushing Installation solution. Bushings are cushions made of rubber, polyurethane or other materials. They’re mounted on suspension and steering joints to absorb road shock, control the amount of movement in the joints and reduce noise. Some applications require a steel sleeve to be installed within a rubber bushing.

Bushing Installation

Customers have reported our grommet and bushing installation machines provide over 100% increase in productivity compared to competitive systems.

Contact us for an automated, flexible, fast, and efficient Grommet and Bushing Installation machine custom-designed to your production needs.