At Tec-Option, we offer automated assembly systems that are designed and built, for a wide variety of high-volume weld applications. These systems can help improve cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and production capabilities. Through the use of our Station to Station patented technology, our customers benefit from as much as a 100% increase in manufacturing productivity.

Using this patented system, the machine never stops working. There is no “wait time” where the machine sets idle waiting for the operator to load the next set of parts. If you want to experience these advantages, consider implementing this type of high-volume automated assembly systems in your facility.

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What Are Automated Assembly Systems?

Automated assembly systems create products using a cohesive system of various mechanized and automated equipment, each of which completes different fabrication processes. In an effort to lower the cost of labor and increase the efficiency of production, a growing number of businesses are using automated assembly systems to manufacture various products. Some of the specific industries utilizing these systems include the automotive, aerospace, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

For example, certain automotive assembly systems are capable of manufacturing a single product by performing a sequence of automated processes to combine multiple parts. The final product could either function as part of a larger assembly or a complete, self-contained product.

Businesses should consider incorporating automated assembly systems into their production processes if they want to:

  • Improve product design stability
  • Meet increasing product demand
  • Manufacture products intended for automated assembly
  • Manufacture parts consisting of only a few components

Benefits of Automated Assembly Systems

On top of helping companies save time and money on production, automated assembly systems offer a plethora of advantages. These include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster lead times
  • Increased overall quality
  • More process control
  • Improved worker safety
  • Lower product loss

Automated Assembly Systems We’ve Developed

There are a few different types of assembly systems the experts at Tec-Option have developed. These systems include:

Automated Welding Systems

A Tec-Option welding system can include many “types” of weld processes. For example, the most common is the spot weld. This process has a variety of applications especially in the automotive markets.  We also design projection welds into some projects. Projection welds include either a weld nut or weld stud. There are projects that include both of these types of weld processes within one welding system machine. There is also a MIG welding process which normally uses robot in its design.

Automated Grommet and Bushing Installation

At Tec-Option, we can build grommet installation machinery that’s fully automatic to meet our customer’s product and production specifications. These machines can feed and attach both the bushing and grommet in a single cycle, which helps establish a quality setting of consistent strength and durability.

Automated Clinching Nut Installation

Clinching nuts are often installed in applications working with thin sheet metal that requires good torque loads and pull out to facilitate secure fastening. Our team can provide our customers with systems that feature self-clinching nuts that are suitable for weld applications.

Automated Vision Inspection

Our team is capable of designing and developing highly efficient and reliable static or robotic systems for use in various industrial applications, including automated vision inspection systems. These systems can inspect products for quality assurance purposes, ensuring the production process was a success.

Partner with Tec-Option for Automated Assembly Systems

The experienced professionals at Tec-Option develop automated assembly systems from the initial design stage to completion. Our teams ensure our customers’ projects are consistently successful based on their individual needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of efficient production, consistent quality, workflow efficiency, dependability, and optimum ROI. When you work with the experts at Tec-Option, you’ll be able to experience these benefits with a system that’s intended for your specific application.

For more information, or to get started on your automated assembly solution, contact us today to discuss your production requirements with our team.

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