Clinching Nut Installer on Welding Systems

Tec-Option offers an optional Clinching Nut Installer on Welding Machines.

Clinching Nuts are used chiefly where good pullout and torque loads are required in sheet metal that is too thin to provide secure fastening by any other method. Their compact design and low profile also provide for a neat appearance.

We have designed and built several flexible systems that incorporate a self-clinching nut within other weld applications, such as a weld stud or nut. Self-clinching nuts are installed by placing them in properly sized holes in sheets and applying a squeezing force to the head of the nut.

Clinching Nut
Clinching Nut 2b
Clinching Nut 3b

Advantages of our Clinching Nut Installer:

  • Provide strong threads in thin metal (.008/.20mm)
  • Provide high pushout and torque qualities
  • No special hole prep is required
  • The opposite side of the metal remains flush
  • Low installation cost
Clinching Nut 1b

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