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Our modular work cell design is far superior to a dedicated single-use capital investment. It extends your capital investment to multiple programs, minimizes your floor space requirements, reduces maintenance, training support, and enhances operator ergonomics and safety!

Tec-Option can assist you with the engineering, design and assembly of a weld machine that will be cost efficient, durable and produce a quality part in a minimal amount of time.

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Below is a list of features that can be built into our Welding and Assembly Manufacturing Automation Systems. Try finding all these features packed into one system!

Tec-Option Feature Description
Tec-Flex Interchangeable Tooling Our patented, modular solution allows for tool changeover in 60 seconds without requiring a forklift or skilled tradespeople.
Automated & Efficient Our efficient resistance welding systems perform up to three times faster than traditional robot techniques.
Small Footprint Our compact, quick change weld systems reduce the requirement for valuable production floor space. Our standard machine is only 138″ wide x 72″ deep.
Double Time Productivity Our unique parallel processing mode in which multiple robots work together with the operator to boost manufacturing productivity and minimize labor. Most competitor systems can only work on one task at a time.
Multiple Weld Times in Same System Our systems can support Projection, Spot, MIG, Staking, Hot Upset, Hole Piercing, Bushing Install, Part Marking and Sealant Application.
Long Life Our modular patented solution is designed for years of service, not just for one program. You continue to use the same machine and controls, but can add new tooling for future programs re-using your capital investment over and over.
Quick-Change Tooling Our patented process enables tooling changes in minutes instead of hours.
Centralized Work Cell Power Distribution Robots, positioners, welding equipment, lighting and peripherals are supplied from one power supply cable.

Plus – we are the only company with a mobile Welding Solutions Center. We drive innovation to the facility. Contact us today to book it at your facility!

Leading Tier automotive suppliers use our patented Automated Welding Systems to expand production capacity.

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With over 20 years’ experience, we understand production timelines, workflow, quality, reliability and providing systems that generate a high Return on Investment.

Contact us to discuss a welding and assembly manufacturing automation system to meet your production needs.