Retooling and preventive maintenance help to ensure your system and equipment are at top performance to maximize your investment and minimize production downtime. It is essential to consider both retooling and a consistent preventive maintenance plan to extend the life of your robotics systems. We will help you understand the importance of retooling and critical maintenance tasks and why it is necessary to perform them.

Tec-Option’s Retooling Services

Retooling refers to the process that allows manufacturers to rely on the same machinery for different products when they can no longer serve their original purpose. Tec-Option has worked with innovative robot automation systems and advanced operator interfaces for over 20 years.

Our wide range of robotics services includes retooling and programming PLC based automation systems, preventive maintenance, repairing, rebuilding, and relocation services. Our engineering team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Customizing cycle time programming and process design to optimize cycle times.
  • Performing maintenance and calibration to increase reliability, boost productivity, and minimize waste.

Maximize system uptime and increase performance with maintenance and retooling services from Tec-Option. Depend on the expertise of our engineers to ensure proper maintenance of all components.

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Why Is Preventive Maintenance Critical for Robots?

Retooling and Programming

You can protect your investment in equipment and robotic systems with a structured maintenance schedule, ensuring maximum performance, minimal downtime, and the preservation of your investment. Neglecting maintenance may result in costly downtime and impacts on business operations. You may also experience frequent breakdowns and malfunctions needing repair and replacement.

While production delays often accompany preventive maintenance, these planned outages minimize the impact on daily operations and require significantly less time than an equipment failure. Resolve potential problems before they ever occur with routine maintenance.

Preventive maintenance provides the following benefits:

  • Product quality improvement
  • Maximum operations productivity
  • Equipment longevity increase
  • Unplanned breakdown reduction
  • Increase in functionality and reliability
  • Lower repair costs

Photo of an orange piece of robotic equipment.Without a preventive maintenance plan, robotics systems and equipment may encounter the following issues:

  • Safety Degradation: Injury and damage risks may increase.
  • Cable Damages: Wear and tear to wires, cables, and transmission cords may result in electrical fires.
  • Unpredictability: Movements become less consistent and repetitive.
  • Program Malfunction: Control software breaks may result in data loss.
  • Position Deviation: Equipment may function outside the expected parameters.

Equipment and robotics failures are preventable by following a consistent maintenance checklist.

What to Consider in a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Robotics systems have individual maintenance schedules, with some requiring more or less frequent inspection. A checklist of items to consider during routine maintenance will aid in meeting the needs of each robot. The following tips will ensure vital maintenance is completed:

Retooling and Programming

  • Maintenance technician training
  • Controller memory back up
  • Monitoring the robot’s full range of motion
  • Test batteries in robot arm and controller
  • Inspect controller cables, power supplies, cable connections, and safety equipment
  • Replace worn and defective components
  • Clean sensors, cooling fans, vents, and light curtains
  • Inspect teach pendant and break operations
  • Inspect seals and check for leaks
  • Ensure proper lubrication

Preventive maintenance from the professional engineers at Tec-Option will deliver the highest productivity from your robots and equipment. We can also retool robots for better performance.

Increase Your Productivity with Tec-Option

Routine maintenance of robotics systems is essential to the uninterrupted and productive operations of your business. Performing preventive maintenance consistently and tailoring a custom plan to each robot will ensure the expected results.

At Tec-Option our maintenance and retooling services for robotics will ensure you are getting consistent performance, reliability, and longevity from your systems. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance and retooling and rely on our engineers to deliver better productivity from your robotics systems.

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Re-Tooling and Programming Preventive Maintenance
  • Retool for new products
  • Workflow design
  • Design, fab, install robot end effectors (EOAT)
  • Retrofit, upgrade, programming, test
  • Safety modifications
  • 75-point Inspection process
  • Clean, lubricate, test
  • Replace worn parts
  • Cycle time optimization
Relocation Services Repair and Re-Build
  • Dismantle, pack, move
  • Install and calibrate
  • Rapid response
  • Diagnose, repair, rebuild
  • Complete overhaul or rebuild
  • Performed on-site or at our facility