About Tec-Option

Founded in 1996, Tec-Option is an industry leader in manufacturing automation systems for welding / assembly for automotive.

Leading Tier automotive suppliers use our patented Automated Welding Systems to expand production capacity


We deliver cost-effective manufacturing automation for product welding and assembly operations.

Our advantages include quick-change tooling, robot part handling and transfer, robot resistance welding, and MIG welding.

Our interchangeable spot welding machines are ideal for more complex welding applications.

Distinct-Option Foundation


Our Business Philosophy

For suppliers – who are all challenged with global competition, tighter supply deadlines and high labor turnover – Tec-Option manufacturers next-generation, flexible, efficient assembly equipment that provides a superior quality process, using a proven platform with integrated training and control tools.

Unlike a dedicated single-use capital investment, our modular solution is increasingly the equipment of choice by major manufacturers because it extends capital investment to multiple programs running on the same line and/or over time. This helps your team maximize production rates, minimize floor space, reduce maintenance and training support, and enhance operator ergonomics and safety. In addition, our quick-change weld equipment is deliverable weeks faster than dedicated assembly equipment.

Unnecessary Capital Equipment = Unnecessary Cost

For buyers and program managers who are challenged with reducing capital cost, Tec-Option manufactures a next-generation flexible welding system that reduces the need for feeding equipment, providing faster cycle times, less equipment maintenance, and less downtime. Unlike other systems that require costly feeding equipment, our flexible, automated weld machine balances operator load time with machine run time using a station-to-station operation. A multiple feeding solution is used to accommodate your feeding needs at a cost advantage.

Quicker Setup on Your Floor Gets the Product Out the Door

For production managers challenged with getting new machines installed, Tec-Option manufacturers “one-pick” assembly equipment that provides quicker, easier installation. Unlike dedicated equipment, our efficient, interchangeable welding system also is proven to provide fewer problems when re-installed.

Don’t Throw It Away; Re-tool with Tec-Option

For production managers challenged with implementing engineering design changes or a completely new design without losing production, Tec-Option flexible assembly equipment and flexible modular welders accommodate modular tooling for a diversity of product. Unlike dedicated machines, our modular resistance welding system features interchangeable tooling, saving you time, money, and hassles.

Flexible Automation for the Untrained Operator

For operators with limited skill sets, a Tec-Option fast flexible resistance welding machine is operator-friendly out of the box, while providing quality parts at higher production rates. Unlike dedicated machines such as a single-point welder, our flexible modular resistance welder features auto feeding/unload of fasteners or other parts and provides on-screen visual step-by-step “how-to” instructions for performing all necessary operations correctly.

Customer Service

Put simply, our customers are the entire reason that we do what we do. So, our top priority is to create a robotic system that fits your needs precisely, saves you time and money, and delivers complete satisfaction. Every system we produce, from a flexible resistance welding machine to an interchangeable spot welding system, is created to each client’s exact specifications. And our customer service doesn’t stop at product creation; we are always here to offer the support you need with your customized modular solution.


The concept behind Tec-Option arose out of necessity and creativity. While working as a welding engineer with a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, Tec-Option’s founder was often asked to develop a welding system for a new program with a minimal to zero budget. Sifting through used machinery and tooling to salvage various components led to innovation: the development of a flexible, multiple process welding system and tooling to support the rising quality demands and cost pressures of the industry.

The Modular Resistance Welding System functions in accordance with the industry’s focus on lean manufacturing and is competitive in both cost and quality. This unique product concept, an interchangeable welding machine, offers both flexibility and cost benefits, while meeting many other lean manufacturing objectives. Unlike equipment with a life cycle limited to one project, the Modular Resistance Welding System allows manufacturers to purchase one piece of capital equipment and amortize their investment over multiple programs.

In 1996, Tec-Option launched as a manufacturer of resistance welding machines and tooling. Tec-Option focuses on building quality products that provide customers with a competitive position for their resistance welding needs. The team of associates at Tec-Option has a diverse background of expertise in all facets of resistance welding, machine building, tooling design and fabrication, and program controls. The depth of Tec-Option’s knowledge base is maintained through ongoing training and mentorship, to stay on the forefront of lean manufacturing process solutions for today’s challenging industry.

Contact us for a custom designed flexible solution for your robotic welding and assembly manufacturing automation needs.