Welding Automation in the Automotive Industry

Welding automation is the process by which technology, instead of human labor, is used to join materials together, resulting in a process that is safer, faster, higher quality, and more efficient than manual labor. Welding automation typically uses robots, but can also use a servo with the same X, Y, Z coordinates used in programming […]

Setting Up a Preventive Maintenance Plan: Key Factors to Consider

Preventive maintenance is essential to the productivity and lifespan of your automation equipment. From inspecting and cleaning components to replacing, tightening, or lubricating parts, preventive maintenance helps you correct small issues before they lead to costly equipment failures. To properly set up the best preventive maintenance plan for your equipment, follow the steps below. Determine […]

Double Part Detection

When it comes to projection welding, it is common for metal stampings to stick together causing the operator to load a double part into the fixture without their knowledge of it. A blank part then gets passed through the system without the proper weld nuts or studs causing quality issues. This was the concern by […]

One question always asked of Tec-Option

There is one question that is always asked of Tec-Option, “Can you perform different types of welds in the same machine? This is an excellent question for there are several types of welds used within the industry and each has its specific function. Spot welding is the most common and used for many types of […]