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There is one question that is always asked of Tec-Option,

“Can you perform different types of welds in the same machine?

Projection Spot WeldThis is an excellent question for there are several types of welds used within the industry and each has its specific function. Spot welding is the most common and used for many types of assemblies. But there is also projection welding which adheres a nut or threaded stud to an assembly. There is also MIG welding (metal inert gas) that is common for stronger weld applications. Lastly there is a weld type known as drawn arc weld and that is used for more specific applications.

Most Weld Machine builders focus on one type of weld when building for that is generally all that is required. But there are instances when you need more than one process. What if your assembly requires a nut and also spot welds? That usually means building more than one machine to meet those needs. Here at Tec-Option we have incorporated two and even sometimes three different weld types or operations into one machine. So yes, it is possible to weld different types of welds in one machine.