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If you’d like to learn more about Tec-Option, this is a great place to start. Here, you’ll find everything from detailed process descriptions to videos. If you have any specific questions or you’d just like to speak with a company representative, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Equipment & Process Descriptions

Fasteners and Simple Processes: Designed for high volume, simpler style parts, the Tec-Option system is well suited for low-number processes per part, or for a multitude of simple process parts. Utilizing an X-Y servo table, an unlimited number of positions can be achieved without the need for skilled tradespeople for a part or program change. An optional conveyor and integrated auto-unload table frees the operator from unloading completed parts, reducing labor requirements. Additionally, the automated machine can be quickly converted into a side-by-side configuration, allowing for continuous part production with minimal or no time used for part handling. Mechanical and electrical poka-yoke checks prevent improper part loading, improving part quality and reducing scrap rate. These robotic, fast-flex machines are an excellent choice as an alternative to multiple, single-use machines, such as peg welders.

Robots Assist with High-Process and Complex Geometry: Designed for multiple processes or more complicated parts, the Tec-Option system excels when processing larger parts, parts that require multiple handlings, or parts with complex geometries. Utilizing robots, the system can act as a material handler, a welder, or other process finisher. One or more robots can be integrated to handle the needs of a specific part while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to future part geometries and process requirements. As an option, a second machine can be added to increase production or to add more parts to its repertoire. Add an optional conveyor to deliver finished goods back to the operator for packaging or to transport them to the next machine for processing. The Super Module is a great choice for heavier, bulky parts that may not be operator-friendly, or are ergonomically challenging.

Tec-Option Solution, One for All: Designed to do it all, the Tec-Option machine has all the great features of our previous machines’ designs incorporated into one versatile, flexible system. Attach fasteners in one half of the machine while MIG welding in the other half, or press bushings into a part and then weld it into another assembly in the next step. The Tec-Option  provides the ability to switch processes in a matter of minutes, not days. You can switch from fastener welding one minute to staking the next. The only limitation is your imagination. The Tec-Option is the best choice for handling programs that are greatly varied in their part styles or processes, and it has maximum future flexibility.

With any Tec-Option system from Tec-Option, you get our “Circle of Life.” This entails five key components, which consist of flexible equipment with multiple value-added processes, interchangeable tooling, automated process, an efficient system and an extended life.

Videos & Sample Parts Gallery



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Since 2001, Honda of America Mfg., Inc. has consistently encouraged their suppliers to review the Tec-Option modular assembly system as a possible source of manufacturing equipment. While Honda has no direct control over who their suppliers choose, getting a recommendation shows that Honda sees the value of the flexible, modular system that Tec-Option provides.
Encouraged to Review by Honda of America Mfg., Inc.- CEO
Best Quality Machine we have In-House.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
Congratulations to Tec-Option! This is the first machine we've ever purchased that was delivered on time.
Honda Supplier, OH- Continuous Improvement Manager
. . . excellent support and knowledge of the machine and functions. Tec-Option has built a benchmark for all future expansion of our welding department. . . look forward to the continued business and support of Tec-Option in the near future.
Tier 2 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
. . . love the execution of the machine. Modularity and quick-change features are great.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, NA- Senior VP/Advanced Technology
Thanks for the timelines. I've been very pleased with these updates throughout the project.
Exhaust Manufacturer, NA & MX- Project Engineer
. . . firmly believe my boss can see the advantages of Tec-Option's equipment and how we would benefit from both a production and throughput standpoint.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
Changeovers are very easy to do and only require a few minutes.
Tier 1 Frame Supplier, KY- Production Supervisor

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