The Interchangeable Welding Tooling Advantage

Our patented, modular solution allows for tool changeover typically in less than one minute, without requiring a forklift or skilled technician. With Tec-Option’s interchangeable welding tooling, you can switch from welding to piercing or any other tooling application without stopping production.


FLEX_IconThe ability to run multiple tools in a single machine

  • With today’s production volumes, typical customers are running three or more tool modules in a single machine.
  • Flexibility includes spot, projection and MIG welding, staking, bushing insertion, hole piercing, part marking and sealant application.
  • Engineering changes can be incorporated offline while running another tool module. This allows you to keep earning a profit with the modular machine while the change is being incorporated on another tool module.
  • Service parts can be efficiently manufactured and effectively managed.


FLEX_IconChange-over typically in less than one minute

  • A machine operator with a tool module cart can easily complete a change-over.  This is a safer and more efficient means of completing a change-over.
  • The modular system allows the operator to connect the weld circuit, electrical, pneumatics, poka-yokes, and water, and call up the weld schedule, all with one push of a button.
  • No tools or forklift are required for a tool change-over.

FLEX_IconFastest, Easiest & Smartest in the Industry!


Tec-Option's Equipment

At Tec-Option, we often think that we offer a service rather than a product, since our flexible value-added process systems supply our customers with modular, interchangeable, efficient solutions. In addition to our innovative, modular systems, we also offer robotic and automated systems and versatile solutions for welding.

  • Tec-Option Systems
  • Nut & Stud Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Hot Up-Set Welding
  • Robotic Systems
  • Engineering Support

industry-collage-300x128Tec-Option Systems

Designed to do it all, the Tec-Option machine has all our design features incorporated into one versatile, flexible system.

Tec-Option Flexible Solutions

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fastener welding

Nut & Stud Welding

Tec-Option’s systems provide a versatile fastener welding solution for nuts and studs at affordable prices. Not only will you enjoy a faster return on investment as compared with a single point fastener welder, but you will also amortize your investment over multiple projects.

Tec-Option Nut & Stud Welding

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spot welding

Spot Welding

Tec-Option’s systems provides a modular spot welding system that is the perfect solution for your nut, stud and spot welding needs. The advantages include flexible quick-change tooling, multiple spot welding and combination fastener/spot welding, all in a compact footprint.

Tec-Option Spot Welding

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hot upset welding

Hot Up-Set Welding

Heat it up and expect it to stay in place… guaranteed! This process takes the place of spin riveting and is proven to hold. Count on Tec-Option to make this process efficient – With NO ADDITIONAL labor costs.

Hot Up-Set Welding

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MIG welding

Robotic Systems

Tec-Option’s systems provides a flexible solution for robotic welding and assembly automation needs. Its advantages include quick-change tooling, robot part handling and transfer, robot resistance welding, and MIG welding. Our interchangeable spot welding machines are ideal for more complex welding applications.

Tec-Option Robotic Systems

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panelwiring_250Engineering Support

Tec-Option offers a variety of engineering and support services on all our products, whether you chose us to provide equipment for automated resistance welding, a flexible MIG welding machine, or a flexible assembly system.

Tec-Option Engineering Support

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Case Study | Engineering Changes Made Easy

FAURCIAA customer in Mexico had a PPAP due date only weeks away, yet required an engineering change to their project. Due to the modular design, only the tool module was required to ship to Tec-Option for the changes, saving time, shipping charges, customs inspections and the resources normally used to connect and disconnect the machine’s utilities.Because of the complexity of the change, the design also eliminated the necessity of flying in support personnel to make changes onsite, eliminating all the associated travel expenses. While the tool was in transit, the additional purchase items were ordered and received. The changes were made, verified in a test machine at Tec-Option, and the tool was turned around and received by the customer in less than a week. This allowed for a successful, timely PPAP and satisfied the requirements for acceptance of the part on schedule.

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Since 2001, Honda of America Mfg., Inc. has consistently encouraged their suppliers to review the Tec-Option modular assembly system as a possible source of manufacturing equipment. While Honda has no direct control over who their suppliers choose, getting a recommendation shows that Honda sees the value of the flexible, modular system that Tec-Option provides.
Encouraged to Review by Honda of America Mfg., Inc.- CEO
Best Quality Machine we have In-House.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
Congratulations to Tec-Option! This is the first machine we've ever purchased that was delivered on time.
Honda Supplier, OH- Continuous Improvement Manager
. . . excellent support and knowledge of the machine and functions. Tec-Option has built a benchmark for all future expansion of our welding department. . . look forward to the continued business and support of Tec-Option in the near future.
Tier 2 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
. . . love the execution of the machine. Modularity and quick-change features are great.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, NA- Senior VP/Advanced Technology
Thanks for the timelines. I've been very pleased with these updates throughout the project.
Exhaust Manufacturer, NA & MX- Project Engineer
. . . firmly believe my boss can see the advantages of Tec-Option's equipment and how we would benefit from both a production and throughput standpoint.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
Changeovers are very easy to do and only require a few minutes.
Tier 1 Frame Supplier, KY- Production Supervisor