Tec-Option FAQs

  • Multiple weld requirements
  • Welds on two or more planes
  • Volumes requiring less than machine utilization

The PLC sends a signal to the electrical box on the tool to identify which part is loaded in the machine.

  • Width – 92″
  • Length – 94″
  • Height – 90″
  • Typical brand name materials include, but are not limited to, Allen-Bradley, Medar, Parker, SMC, Savair, and Banner.
  • Automatic Fastener Feeding (weld nuts, studs, etc.)
  • Automatic Parts Loading and Unloading
  • Tooling Cart
  • The machine and tooling typically require 18 to 20 weeks to build.

One day of training is included with the machine, which covers operators, technicians and engineers.


If you have additional questions, please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you!

Since 2001, Honda of America Mfg., Inc. has consistently encouraged their suppliers to review the Tec-Option modular assembly system as a possible source of manufacturing equipment. While Honda has no direct control over who their suppliers choose, getting a recommendation shows that Honda sees the value of the flexible, modular system that Tec-Option provides.
Encouraged to Review by Honda of America Mfg., Inc.- CEO
Best Quality Machine we have In-House.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
Congratulations to Tec-Option! This is the first machine we've ever purchased that was delivered on time.
Honda Supplier, OH- Continuous Improvement Manager
. . . excellent support and knowledge of the machine and functions. Tec-Option has built a benchmark for all future expansion of our welding department. . . look forward to the continued business and support of Tec-Option in the near future.
Tier 2 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
. . . love the execution of the machine. Modularity and quick-change features are great.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, NA- Senior VP/Advanced Technology
Thanks for the timelines. I've been very pleased with these updates throughout the project.
Exhaust Manufacturer, NA & MX- Project Engineer
. . . firmly believe my boss can see the advantages of Tec-Option's equipment and how we would benefit from both a production and throughput standpoint.
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, MI- Welding Engineer
Changeovers are very easy to do and only require a few minutes.
Tier 1 Frame Supplier, KY- Production Supervisor

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