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Automated Welding Systems

Automated Welding Systems

Tec-Option is the industry leader in flexible modular automated welding systems. We provide lean manufacturing advantages, utilizing one common machine style with numerous types of processes to be performed.

Tec-Option Automated Welding Systems have numerous unique features.

  • Our design is far superior and enables utilizing the system for multiple applications. Most competitor systems are only applicable to a dedicated single-use capital investment.
  • Our design extends your capital investment to multiple programs, minimizes your floor space requirements, reduces maintenance, training support, and enhances operator ergonomics and safety!
  • Tec-Option’s quick change tool modules can be easily exchanged in less than one minute. Tooling changes typically occur 3 times per day. Most competitor systems require 5 to 10 minutes to complete each welding tooling change
  • Double-Time, a Tec-Option unique parallel processing mode in which multiple robots work together with the operator to boost manufacturing productivity and minimize labor. Most competitor systems can only work on one task at a time.
  • Tec-Flex Interchangeable Tooling, a Tec-Option unique feature in which robotic welding operations use fast interchangeable tooling that can be performed by an operator of any skill level. Most competitor systems require fully skilled and certified operators. In addition to faster change-outs by operators of any skill level, our systems provide the ability to add welding options.
  • Centralized Work Cell Power Distribution: Robots, positioners, welding equipment, lighting and peripherals are supplied from one power supply cable.


Equipment Options

Projection welding

Spot welding

MIG welding

Drawn arc welding

Clinch nut install

Fastener welding

Resistance welding

Integrated fastener feeding

Servo driven weld gun slides

X-Y weld gun slides

Multiple weld stations

Auto unload for assemblies

AC or DC transformers

Balanced operator load times

Welding Applications

Tec-Option’s interchangeable welding tooling allows manufacturers to switch to different processes such as spot welding, projection welding, light assembly, even piercing or other tooling applications without stopping production. The efficiency and cost-savings for manufacturers is significant.  Below are some example applications.

Projection Welding

Spot Welding

MIG Welding

Drawn Arc Welding

Designed to do it all, our automated welding systems have all our design features incorporated into one versatile, flexible system – With NO ADDITIONAL skills Required.

Designed to do it all, our Automated Welding Systems provide a versatile, flexible system. Attach fasteners in one half of the machine while MIG welding in the other half or press bushings into a part and then weld it into another assembly in the next step.

Our systems provide the ability to switch processes in a matter of minutes, not days. Switch from fastener welding one minute, to staking the next.

Tec-Option Automated Welding Systems are the best choice for handling programs that are greatly varied in their part styles or processes, and where maximum future flexibility is desired.

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